iStudy Spots

Do you need a quiet place to take an online class or study in between on-campus classes? Find your iStudy Spot on the North East Campus! Here is a list of spaces that will accommodate you. For your convenience, spaces that have computers are highlighted in yellow. Please bring your own device to the other locations.

Building A – Community Cultural Center/Library

Floor Location
1st floor seating available in the hallway before entering registration area
Student Services lounge in registration area
2nd floor the library has spaces to sit and use your own devices
the computer room at the back of the library
3rd floor sitting area in the foyer

Building C – Arts and Sciences

Floor Location
3rd floor room AS352, computers for virtual classes (8 available seats)
4th floor seating/small lounge

Building D – Technology Center

Floor Location
1st floor student lounge
Student Life conference room in Student Life Office
Zen Den located in Student Life Office
2nd floor seating on both sides of stairwell overlooking the student lounge
seating along the hallway heading north towards Building E
3rd floor Student Computer Center located in room 313
Seating and tables outside the TRC

Building E – Physical Education Complex

Floor Location
1st floor café seating and tables in lobby, adjacent vending machine area
2nd floor upholstered chairs in lobby
two computers located in the "coaches space" (enter through the Athletic Department Offices and go straight back, then to the right for stations overlooking the court)

Building G – Engineering & Math Building

Floor Location
1st floor high top tables outside vending area next to elevator
2nd floor seating and tables in the lobby lounge (two counters with monitors that you can plug your device into)
seating outside room 213
3rd floor seating in the lobby lounge
outdoor tables and chairs on the balcony (uncovered, weather permitting)

Outdoor Options

  • tables/chairs and umbrellas on tiered patio with solar charging stations between Building E/Physical Education Complex and Building G/Engineering & Math Building
  • seating on tiered wall outside Building E/Physical Education Complex
  • seating on tiered wall between Building E and Building G/Engineering & Math Building
  • seating on raised deck attached to Student Services Offices (Bldg. A) and around the quad
  • table/chairs and umbrella with solar charging station outside, in back of student lounge in Building D/Technology Center
  • tables/chairs and umbrellas with solar charging stations next to the baseball field
  • outdoor terrace with tables and chairs on 3rd floor of Engineering and Math Building (Bldg. G)

Need Help?

If you need assistance with a device, please contact the Help Desk at (410) 287-4357.

If you need assistance finding a location or for other student-related questions, call the Director of Student Life, Cheryl Davis-Robinson, at (443) 252-7494.

If you are a student and you need accessibility assistance, please contact Accessibility Services at (443) 674-1993 or