Cecil College Leadership, Faculty and Administrative Staff


Cecil College Board of Trustees

  • Harry Lenderman, Ed.D., Chair
  • Sarah W. Colenda, Vice Chair
  • S. Dell Foxx
  • Donna L. Horgan
  • David A. Leatherwood, D.D.S.
  • Cydney T. Teal, M.D.
  • Wyatt K. Wallace
  • W. Stephen Pannill, Secretary/Treasurer

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Cecil College President

W. Stephen Pannill
B.S., University of Baltimore
M.A., Central Michigan University
Ed.D., University of Sarasota

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Trustees Emeriti

Mary A. Maloney (1980–2004)
Attended University of Delaware,
Johns Hopkins University,
Cecil Community College

Daniel A. Hall (1975–2007) Deceased
B.A., Washington College
M.A., George Washington University


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Presidents Emeriti

Robert L. Nash (1968–1975) Deceased
B.A., Muskingum College
M.A., Ohio State University
Ed.D., Northern Colorado University

Robert L. Gell (1978–2000)
B.A., University of Nebraska Kearney
M.Ed., The American University
Ph.D., The American University


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Professors Emeriti

Paul F. Bauer
Professor of Philosophy and Sociology
B.A., Indiana University
M.A., Miami University
M.Ed., The Johns Hopkins University
M.Div., The Iliff School of Theology
Th.D., The Iliff School of Theology

George E. Bell
A.B.M.L., Loyola College
M.A., University of Maryland, College Park
M.Ed., The Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park
Post doctoral studies, University of Delaware

Ronald E. Black
B.A., Elon College
M.A., Teacher’s College of Columbia University
C.A.S.E., The Johns Hopkins University
Additional graduate studies, The Johns Hopkins University

Nancy Cannon
Reading and Study Skills
B.A., Bethany College
M.A., Marshall University
Certified Developmental Education Specialist, Kellogg Institute

Robert C. Brush
B.S., Bloomsburg State College
M.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Additional graduate studies, University of Delaware

Kristi A. Eisenberg
Professor of Visual Communications
B.A., Penn State University
M.A., University of Delaware
M.F.A., University of Delaware

Dennis W. Fabella
B.A., University of Richmond
M.A.T., University of Florida

Bonnie Giraldi
Business Administration
B.S., Shippensburg State University
M.S., Morgan State University
C.A.S.E., Loyola College

James P. Herman
B.S., State University of New York at Fredonia
M.S., State University of New York at Fredonia
Additional graduate studies, University of Delaware

Carroll B. Mitchell
B.A., George Washington University
M.Ed., University of Maryland
Postgraduate studies, Southern Illinois University and University of Maryland

George B. Prettyman, Sr. (Deceased)
B.A., University of Delaware
M.A., University of Delaware

Carol Roane
B.S.N., Medical College of Virginia
M.S., University of Delaware
Post graduate certificates, University of Maryland, Millersville University
Doctoral studies, Nova Southeastern University

William P. Short
B.A., Washington College
M.A., University of Massachusetts-Amherst

George Thomas Wilhide
B.A., Western Maryland College
M.Ed., Western Maryland College
M.Ed., Shippensburg State University
Ed.S., University of Miami
Additional graduate studies, University of Florida


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Full-time Faculty and Administrative Staff


Josiah Bancroft
Coordinator of the Reading and Writing Lab
B.A., Virginia Commonwealth University
M.A. Virginia Commonwealth University

Paula Bartlett
Library Specialist
B.S., University of Delaware
M.S., University of Delaware
M.S., Johns Hopkins University
M.L.S., University of Arizona

Lorraine Bell
Associate Professor, Nursing
B.S., Widener University
M.S.N., Widener University
Dr.PH, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Susan M. Bernadzikowski
Associate Professor of English
English Department Chair
B.A., Otterbein College
M.A., Ohio State University
Additional graduate studies: Louisiana State University, University of Delaware and Pennsylvania State University.

Brandie Biddy
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
A.S., Cecil College (Mathematics)
A.S., Cecil College (Physics)
B.S., Towson University
M.S., John's Hopkins University

Edward E. Boas, Jr.
Professor of Computer Science
A.A., County College of Morris
B.S., Trenton State College
M.Ed., Trenton State College
C.A.G.S., Temple University
Ed.D., Temple University

Mary Way Bolt
Vice President of Academic Programs
A.A., Cecil Community College
B.S.N., University of Maryland Baltimore County
M.S., University of Maryland at Baltimore
Ed.D., Widener University

Michael Bouchard, III
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
B.A., University of Delaware
M.S., University of Cincinnati

JoEllen Brackin
Academic Advisor
B.S., University of Delaware
M.Ed., Wilmington University

John Capozzoli
Campus Security Officer

William R. Charlton
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
B.S., California (PA) State College
M.S., Syracuse University
Hopkins Fellow in Community and Organizational System

John L. Climent
Professor of Mathematics
B.S., Hofstra University
M.A., Hofstra University
Ph.D., University of Delaware

Charlene R. Conolly
Director of Marketing
B.A., Washington College
M.S.A., Central Michigan University
Post graduate certificate, Central Michigan University

Ian Cooper
IT Systems Support Specialist
A.A., Cecil College
B.S., Wilmington University

Andrew Coston
Director of Career Services
B.A., Assumption College
M.Ed., Loyola College

Allison Cox
Academic Advisor
B.S., Towson University

Melissa D'Agostino
Instructional Librarian
B.A., Bucknell University
M.L.I.S., Kent State University

Lisa Daley
Assistant Accounts Receivable Manager
B.A., Notre Dame of Maryland University

R. Robert Denton
Technical Director/Designer, Milburn Stone Theatre

J. Andrew Dickenson
Associate Professor of Music
B.M., Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University
M.M., Mannes College, The New School for Music

Stephen di Filipo, Jr.
Vice President/Chief Information Officer

Eileen Lee Dougherty
Director of Business and Corporate Services
B.A., St. Joseph’s University
M.S.O.L., Wilmington College

Veronica Dougherty
Professor of Biology
Science Department Chair
B.S., The City College of New York
M.S., University of Connecticut
Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Tiffany Dowell
Career Development Specialist
A.A.S., Cecil College
B.A., Notre Dame of Maryland University
M.A., Notre Dame of Maryland University

Christy Dryer
Dean of Nursing and Health Professions
B.S.N., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
M.S.N., University of Delaware
D.N.P, University of Maryland
Certified Nurse Educator, National League of Nursing

Tina Durborow
Director of Lifelong Learning
B.S., University of Delaware
M.S., Capella University

Edward Durham
Athletic Director
B.S., Wilmington College
M.Ed., Wilmington College

Anne E. Edlin
Professor of Mathematics
B.A., University of York, England
M.A., Temple University
Ph.D., Temple University

Kristy Erickson
Professor of Mathematics
B.A., Rowan University
M.A., Rowan University
Ed.D., Walden University
Additional graduate studies at Texas A&M University

Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Assistant Professor of English
B.A., King’s College
M.A., Bucknell University

Lauren Fleck
Human Resources Specialist
B.A., University of Delaware
M.P.A., John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Carolyn Fletcher
Director of Adult Education
B.A., Salisbury State University

Melanie Ford
Enrollment Management Specialist
A.A., College of St. Joseph
B.S., University of Massachusetts

Craig Frischkorn
Professor of English
B.A., Oral Roberts University
M.A., Regent University
M.A., Western Illinois University
Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo

Judy Fuhrmann
Assistant Professor of Nursing
B.S.N., University of Maryland
M.S., University of Maryland
Graduate studies, Virginia Commonwealth University
Credentialed as an Advanced Practice Nurse in Psychiatric Nursing by the American Nurses Credentialing Center  

Christopher Scott Gaspare
Assistant Professor of English
A.A., Cecil College
B.A., University of Delaware
M.A., Washington College

Shirley Gharbin
Assistant Professor of Nursing

Diena Gischel
Director of Advising
A.A.S., Cecil Community College
B.S., Wilmington University
M.B.A., Wilmington University

Brandon Gorin
Shop Forman/Assistant Technical Director,
Milburn Stone Theatre

Barry Gorrell
Visual Communications Program Lab Coordinator
B.A., Dickinson College

Vanessa Gray
Desktop Coordinator
Industrial Electronics/Computer Repair Certificate

Sean Grugan
Athletic Trainer
B.S., University of South Carolina

Cheryl Hall
Career Placement Coordinator
B.S., North Carolina State University
M.A., Argosy Professional School of Psychology

Rebecca Harten
Program Specialist, Business Training and Workforce Development
B.A., Penn State University

Bobbye L. Haupt
Assistant Professor of Office Information Systems
B.S., Shippensburg State University
M.S., Widener University
Additional graduate studies, University of Central Florida, Rider College, University of Wisconsin–Whitewater, Catholic University, Purdue University

Kelly Harlinski
Interim Director of Healthcare Careers
A.S., Cecil College
B.S., Wilmington College

Catherine Hennessey
Associate Professor of English
B.A., University of Pittsburgh
M.F.A., University of Pittsburgh
Additional graduate studies at Goucher College

Enrique Hernandez
Web Developer

Cynthia Horton
Professor of Nursing
B.S., East Stroudsburg State College
B.S.N., Widener University
M.S.N., Widener University
Ed.D., Immaculata University
Certified Nurse Educator, National League of Nursing

Judith Houck
Accounts Manager/Special Funds and Disbursements
B.S., Goldey-Beacom College

Charalane M. (Laney) Hoxter
Director of Multicultural Student Services
B.A.L.S., University of Delaware
M.S., West Chester State University

Stacy Igo
Director of the Family Education Center
A.A., Cecil College
B.S., Towson University

Adam Jacono
Assistant Professor of Visual Communications
B.F.A., Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
M.F.A., East Carolina University

Judy Jaudon
Acting Controller

Peggy Jenkins
Assistant Professor of Accounting/Economics

Bambi Johnson
General Manager, Milburn Stone Theatre

Caleb Johnson
Data Analyst
B.S., Stevenson University

M. Carol Joines
Accounting Manager, Payroll, Reporting and Internal Control
A.A., Cecil Community College
B.S., Liberty University

Adam S. Kamras
Public Relations Coordinator
B.A., University of Pittsburgh

Dawn Kisner
Executive Office Associate, President’s Office
A.A., Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Elizabeth Kjar
Judy Center Partnership Coordinator
B.S., Utah State University
M.A., Westminster College

Deborah A. Klenk
Dean, Career and Community Education
B.A., University of Maryland
M.B.A., Wilmington University
Certificate in Innovation Management from Robert H. Smith School of Business

Mary Knarr
Associate Professor of Nursing
B.S.N., University of Delaware
M.S., University of Delaware
Additional graduate studies, University of Delaware, Widener University and Millersville University

Vincent Knight
Network Support Specialist
A.S., DeVry University

Cheryl L. Kolar
Medical Assistant Instructor/Practicum Coordinator
A.S., Cecil College
L.P.N., Delaware Skills Center
Medical Assistant, RETS Education Center
CCMA, National Healthcare Association

Daniel Krukosky
Director of Arts and Communications
A.A.S., Cecil Community College
B.S., Wilmington University
M.S., Wilmington University

Joseph Kupresanin
Associate Professor of Mathematics
B.S.B.A., The Ohio State University
M.A.S., The Ohio State University

Amrutha “Prameela” Kuraguntla
Professor of Biology
B.S., Andhra University
M.S., Andhra University
M.S., University of Minnesota
Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Carlos Lampkin
Academic Advisor and Assistant Professor of Business
B.S., Fort Valley State University
M.B.A., Wilmington University

Diane C. Lane
Vice President of Student Services and Institutional Effectiveness
B.S., Salisbury University
M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University
Ed.D., Morgan State University

Rebecca Larson
B.A.S.W., Salisbury State University
M.S.W., University of Maryland Baltimore School of
  Social Work
LCSW-C, Maryland Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Aubrie O. Lawler
Director, Fitness and Wellness
B.S., Salisbury University
M.S., University of Delaware

Deborah Layton
Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Programs

Jennifer Levi
Professor of English
B.A., Towson University
M.A., University of Delaware
Ph.D., University of Delaware

Samuel Lee Lewis
Director, Milburn Stone Theatre

David Linthicum
Dean, Academic Programs
Assistant Professor, Business and Procurement
A.A., Columbia College
B.A., Columbia College
M.A., Central Michigan University
Ed.D., Temple University

Brian Logue
Professional Driving Field Instructor, Truck Driver Training

Diane Loomis
Manager of Procurement
A.S., Goldey Beacom College
B.S., Goldey Beacom College

Laurie Slifer Lopez
Creative Services and Publications Coordinator
B.F.A., Beaver College

Frederick McDonald
Associate Professor of History
B.A., Salisbury State College
M.A., Washington College
Additional graduate studies, Towson University, Loyola College, University of Delaware and Goucher College

Alicia Markey
Design and Multimedia Marketing Coordinator
B.S., Drexel University
M.S., Wilmington University

Lorraine C. Martorana
Director of Library Services
A.A., Cape Cod Community College
B.A., University of Massachusetts at Amherst
M.S.L.S., Clark Atlanta University

Mary Michaels
Recruitment Coordinator
B.A., McDaniel College
M.S., Wilmington College

Madelyn Mickle
Human Resources Manager
B.S., Wilmington University
M.B.A., Strayer University

Cynthia Mishoe
Director of Enrollment Management
B.S., University of Delaware
M.S., Wilmington College

Courtney Mitchell
Manager, Records and Registration
B.S., Salisbury University

Mary Moore
Development Coordinator
A.S., Cecil College

Barbara Morton
Coordinator of Skills Assessment, Tutoring Center and Testing Center

Alketa Nina
Professor of Mathematics
B.A., Salisbury University
M.A., Florida Atlantic University
Doctoral Studies, Walden University

Donna Norris
Accounting Manager – Student Accounts
B.S., Wilmington University

Lee Norris
Director of Database Administration
B.S., University of Maryland

Charles O’Brien
Academic Advisor
B.S., West Chester University
Graduate studies, West Chester University

Beth Olsen
Professor of Biology and Environmental Science
B.S., Towson University
M.S., The Johns Hopkins University
Doctoral studies, University of Maryland
Professional Certifications:  ESRI ArcView 3.1, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources Forest Stewardship Plan Writer

David Ore

Associate Professor of Business
B.S., Old Dominion University
M.A., Central Michigan University

Anand Patel
Assistant Professor of Engineering and Physics
B.S., University of Maryland Baltimore County
M.S., University of Maryland Baltimore County

Adrienne N. Pinckney
Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education
B.A., University of Delaware
M.P.T., University of Delaware
APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor

Karen M. Powers
Director of Student Communications and Engagement
A.A., Essex Community College
B.S., Towson University
M.S., Wilmington College

Susan Price
Instructional Technology Coordinator
A.A., Cecil Community College
B.S., Wilmington College
M.B.A., Wilmington University
M.I.S.T., Wilmington University

Tammy Rapposelli
Program and Event Coordinator, Lifelong Learning
A.A., Cecil Community College

Rhonda Roxanne Rash
Professor of Nursing
A.A., Harford Community College
B.S.N., University of Maryland–Baltimore County
M.S., University of Delaware
Ed.D., University of Sarasota
N.D., Clayton College of Natural Health  

Mary Reinhardt
Assistant Athletic Director
B.S., University of Rhode Island

Patricia D. Richardson
Instructor of Communication, Speech and Theatre
B.A., Michigan State University
Graduate studies, Michigan State University

Kenneth Rogers
Workforce Development Manager
A.A., Community College of Baltimore County
B.S., Wilmington University

Daniel Roman
Faculty, Exercise Science Lectureship
B.S., Washington Adventist University
M.S., California University of Pennsylvania

David Rudolph
Director of Teacher Education
Social Sciences and Education Department Chair
B.A., Wilmington College
M.Ed., University of Delaware
Ed.D., Wilmington College  

Rose Mary Rutt
Transition/Outreach Coordinator
A.A., Goldey-Beacom College
B.S., Wilmington University
M.A., University of Delaware 

Jennifer Scott-Greenfield
Professor of Education
B.S., Marywood University
M.Ed., Temple University
Ph.D., Temple University

Paul Servary
Senior Programmer Analyst
B.S., University of Baltimore

Kim Sheppard
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics Department Chair
B.S., Roanoke College
M.S., Clemson University
Additional Studies: Certificate in Epidemiological and Biostatistical Principles, Drexel University; Graduate Studies, Penn State University, UCLA.

Julie Simonson
Intake Assessment Specialist

Catherine Q. Skelley
Student Engagement and Civility Officer
B.A., University of Delaware
M.P.A., University of Delaware

Amanda Solecki
Director of Financial Aid
A.S., Brookdale Community College
B.S., Montclair State University
Post graduate certificate, Capella University
Additional graduate studies, Capella University 

Donna M. Staats
Financial Aid Officer and VA Certifying Official
B.A., University of Delaware
M.A., University of Delaware
M.B.A., University of Delaware

Melody M. Stanhope
Director, Physical Therapist Assistant Program
A.S., Howard Community College
B.S.,  University of Maryland
D.P.T.,  Simmons College
APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor

Meredith Lutz Stehl
Associate Professor of Sociology and Psychology
B.A., Washington College
M.S., Drexel University
Ph.D., Drexel University
Additional Studies: Residency: A.I. duPont Hospital for Children.  Postdoctoral Fellowship: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania

C. Dan Stoicescu
Director of Institutional Research
B.A., University of Bucharest (Romania)
Ph.D., the Pennsylvania State University
Fulbright Scholar, Institute of International Education (Washington, D.C.)

S. Tomeka Swan
Director of Records and Registration
B.A., Rutgers University
M.Ed., Wilmington College
Doctoral studies, Morgan State University

Allison Symonds
Associate Professor of English
B.A., University of Minnesota Duluth
M.A., University of Delaware
ABD, University of Delaware

Chris Ann Szep
Vice President, Institutional Advancement and Government Relations
B.S., Virginia Tech
M.S., Wilmington College

Ahmed Tarek
Associate Professor of Computer Science
B.S., Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
M.Engg., Nagoya Institute of Technology
Ph.D., Texas Tech University
Additional Studies, Doctoral course and research in Intelligent Information System, System Design Division, Fukui University, Japan

Karen Thomas
Child Development Specialist, Family Education Center
B.A., Furman University

Joseph Torre
Web Developer
B.F.A., University of North Florida

Christine A. Valuckas
Vice President of Administrative Services
B.A., Ursuline College of Ohio
M.B.A., Baldwin-Wallace College
Ed.D., University of Sarasota

Lauren Vanni
Associate Professor of Art
B.F.A., Arcadia University
M.Ed., Arcadia University
M.F.A., University of Delaware
Art Education Teaching Certificate, Arcadia University

Nancy Vinton
Professor of Biology
B.S., Goucher College
M.D., Yale School of Medicine

Candace Vogelsong
Assistant Professor of Business
Business and Computer Information Systems Department Chair
B.S., Salisbury State University
M.B.A., Wilmington College
M.S., Wilmington University

Joyce Wagoner
IT Operations Manager
A.A., Cecil Community College
B.S., Wilmington University

Rebecca Walker
Director, Academic Program Support
B.B.A., Loyola College
M.B.A., Loyola College
M.D.E., University of Maryland University College
Graduate Certificate, University of Maryland University College
CGMS Certified Grants Management Specialist

Christine Warwick
Assistant Professor of Biology
B.S., University of Delaware
M.S., University of Saint Joseph
Post graduate certificate, University of Saint Joseph

Machele Washok
Accounting Specialist

Russell Weaver
Director, Technical Services
B.S., DeVry University
M.S., Wilmington University

Kathleen Weiss
Assistant Professor of English
B.A., Rutgers University
M.A., Rutgers University

Mickey Wherry
Capital Program Manager
B.S., University of Pittsburgh

Carol A. White
Associate Professor of Art
A.A., Harford Community College
B.A., University of Delaware
M.F.A., Maryland Institute, College of Art
Additional graduate studies, Maryland Institute, College of Art.

James Wilburn, III
Executive Director of Human Resources and Employee Development
B.A., Pfeiffer College
M.A., Appalachian State University
Ed.D., North Carolina State University

Lynda Woodside
Family Services Coordinator, Family Education Center
B.S., University of Delaware
M.S.W., Widener University

William Woolston
Chief/Director of Public Safety
A.A., Cecil College
B.S., Liberty University

Gail Wyant
Professor of Physics, Engineering and Geosciences
B.S., State University of New York at Stony Brook
M.S., State University of New York at Stony Brook
Additional graduate studies, University of Delaware, Texas A&M and Drexel University

Kathleen York
Program Specialist, Health Care Careers
B.A., Dallas Baptist University


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