Programs of Study

Cecil College offers the following academic degree and certificate programs. Each program area is briefly described and includes a list of required general education and program specific courses. A recommended sequence of courses is also provided for co​mpleting the degree program as a full-time student.

For information about programs that are subject to Gainful Employment Disclosure, please go to

Note: Programs marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been revised, but were approved after August 25, 2017, the official publish date of this document. Please refer to the Addendum for more information.

Program of Study Degree Certificate
Business, Transportation & Logistics
Accounting ACCR ACCL*
Business Administration BAAD*
Commercial Transportation TLCR
Leadership and Management BLMZ
Management BCMN BCML*
Marketing BCMS BCMA
Supply Chain Management TLSR TLSC
Transportation Management TLTM
Computer Technology
Computer Aided Drafting and Design CADZ
Computer Science ASCC
Cybersecurity ASCR CECY
Programming CIPZ CCPC
Fine Arts
Art and Design AFAD
Art and Design – Art History Concentration AFAH*
Art and Design – Ceramics and Sculpture Concentration AFCS*
Art and Design – Drawing and Painting Concentration AFDP*
Art and Design – Graphic Design Concentration AFGD*
Art and Design – Interactive and Motion Arts Concentration AFIM*
Art and Design – Photography and Digital Arts Concentration AFPD*
Art and Design – Studio Arts Concentration AFSA*
Arts and Sciences Transfer — Arts Option – Ceramics ASCO CERC
Arts and Sciences Transfer — Arts Option – Drawing/Painting ADPZ DAPC
Arts and Sciences Transfer — Arts Option – Graphic Design AGRZ
Civil Engineering ASCV
Electrical Engineering ASEN
Engineering – Aerospace Engineering Concentration CNEA
Engineering – Chemical Engineering Concentration CNEC
Engineering – Computer Engineering Concentration CNEO
Engineering – Engineering Science Concentration CNES
Mechanical Engineering ASME*
General Studies & Social Sciences
General Studies – General Studies Concentration CNGG
General Studies – English Concentration CNGE
General Studies – History Concentration CNGH
General Studies – Philosophy Concentration CNGP
General Studies – Sociology Concentration CNGS
Psychology ASPR
Health Professions
Exercise Sciences ASET
Health Information Technology HITD
Healthcare Sciences HCSR
Nursing (RN & LPN) NURS* LPNC
Paramedic EMTR
Personal Trainer/Fitness Manager PTFC
Physical Therapist Assistant PTAR
Law, Public Safety & Human Services
Criminal Justice CJRP*
Fire Science Technology FSTR
Healthcare Navigator – Public Health Generalist HENC*
Paralegal Studies ASPL
Public Health – Environmental Public Health Concentration CNEP
Public Health – Health Navigator Concentration CNHN
Public Health – Public Health Generalist Concentration CNPH
Public Health – Healthcare Professionals PHPC*
Social Work ASWR
Performing Arts
Music APMM
Music – Music Concentration CNMM*
Music – Voice Concentration CNMV*
Music – Audio Concentration CNMA*
Music – Music Education Concentration CNME*
Music/Voice APAV
Performing Arts – Theatre Concentration CNTC*
Performing Arts – Music Concentration CNMC*
Performing Arts – Live Arts Concentration CNLA*
Theatre Performance/Acting APAT
Sciences & Mathematics
Biological Sciences – Biology Concentration CNBB*
Biological Sciences – Environmental Science Concentration CNBE*
Biology ASBS
Chemistry ASCH
Environmental Science ASES
Equine Studies AEQS* ESTC
Equine Studies – Management ESMC
Geology ASGE
Horticulture Science HTSS HTSC
Mathematics ASMR
Meteorology ASMT
Ocean Studies ASOS
Physics ASPS*
Teacher Education
Early Childhood Education ENAT
Elementary Education ERAT
Secondary Education ESER
Secondary Education – Chemistry SCAT
Secondary Education – English SEAT
Secondary Education – Mathematics SMAT
Secondary Education – Music ESMU
Secondary Education – Physics SPAT
Visual Communications
Basic Photography BAPC
Digital Imaging VDIC
Photography Lab PLTC
Portfolio Production POPC
Professional Photography PPHC
Simulation Design and Gaming SOGR SOGC
Studio Photography STPC
Video Technology VITC
Visual Communications – Communications Concentration CNVC
Visual Communications – Graphic Design and Multimedia Concentration CNVG
Visual Communications – Photography Concentration CNVP
Visual Communications – Video Production Concentration CNVV VIPC
Visual Communications – Web Design and Multimedia Concentration CNVW CDMC