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Earn your associate degree or a certificate in a number of business disciplines, all completely online.

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Online Courses

The following online courses are available for the semesters specified.

Course Number Course Title Semester(s) Available
ACC 103 Z1 Quickbooks Fall, Spring, Summer
ACC 201 Z1 Accounting III Spring
ACC 204 Z1 Payroll Accounting Spring
ACC 205 Z1 Business Spreadsheet Applications Fall, Spring
ANT 101 Z1 Cultural Anthropology Fall, Spring, Summer
ART 178 Z1 Art Appreciation Fall
ART 180 MZ Basic Photography Fall
ART 180 Z1 Basic Photography Spring, Summer
AST 103 Z1 Principles of Astronomy Fall, Spring, Summer
BIO 101 Z1 General Biology Fall, Spring, Summer
BIO 111 Z1 General Biology Lab Fall, Summer
BUS 103 Z1 Introduction to Business Fall, Spring, Summer
BUS 108 Z1 Principles of Purchasing Fall, Spring
BUS 131 Z1 Principles of Management Fall, Spring
BUS 187 Z1 Business Ethics Fall, Spring, Summer
BUS 207 Z1 Introduction to Public Relations Fall, Spring, Summer
BUS 212 Z1 Principles of Marketing Fall, Spring
BUS 216 Z1 Organizational Leadership Fall, Spring, Summer
BUS 231 Z1 Management of Human Resources Spring, Summer
BUS 242 Z1 Advertising Fall
BUS 280 Z1 Strategic Planning Concepts Spring
CHM 103 Z1 General Chemistry I Fall, Spring
CHM 104 Z1 General Chemistry II Fall, Spring
Computer Information Systems
CIS 101 Z1 Introduction to Computer Concepts Fall, Spring, Summer
CIS 105 Z1 Keyboarding Spring
Computer Science
CSC 106 Z1 Introduction to Programming Logic Fall
CSC 109 Z1 Introduction to Programming Fall, Spring, Summer
CSC 110 Z1 Ethics in Information Technology Fall, Spring
CSC 130 Z1 Introduction to Linux Spring
CSC 140 Z1 Introduction to Networking Fall, Spring, Summer
CSC 141 Z1 Information Security Fundamentals Fall, Summer
CSC 154 Z1 Windows Client Fall
CSC 156 Z1 Windows Server Spring
CSC 205 Z1 Computer Science I Spring
CSC 218 Z1 Computer Science II Spring
CSC 225 Z1 Tactical Perimeter Defense Fall
CSC 266 Z1 Cisco Certified Netword Associate I Spring
CSC 267 Z1 Cisco Certified Netword Associate II Spring
ECO 221 Z1 Microeconomics Spring, Summer
ECO 222 Z1 Macroeconomics Fall, Spring, Summer
EDU 263 Z1 Teaching Reading in the Secondary Content Area I Fall
PHE 180 Z1 Introduction to MATLAB Spring
EGL 101 Z1 College Composition Fall, Spring, Summer
EGL 102 Z1 Composition & Literature Fall, Spring, Summer
EGL 211 Z1 Technical Writing Fall, Spring, Summer
EQS 137 Z1 Horseback Riding Summer
EQS 144 Z1 Equine Nutrition and Feeding Fall
EQS 146 H1 Introductory Equine Field Study Summer
EQS 155 H1 Equine Community Service Experiential Learning Summer
Fitness and Wellness
FWS 110 Z1 Fundamentals of Personal Training Summer
FWS 135 Z1 Physiology of Exercise Fall
FWS 180 Z1 Fitness Prescription for Special Populations Fall
HEA 130 Z1 Healthful Living I Fall, Spring
HEA 136 Z1 Stress Management Fall, Spring, Summer
HEA 173 Z1 Human Sexuality Spring
HEA 174 Z1 Women's Health Issues Fall, Spring
HCD 120 Z1 Medical Terminology Fall
HCD 150 Z1 Social Media in the Health Care Setting Fall
HCD 232 Z1 Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology Spring
HST 101 Z1 Western Civilization I Fall, Summer
HST 102 Z1 Western Civilization II Fall, Spring
HST 135 Z1 History of Rock Fall, Spring
Government Contracting
PRO 110 Z1 Procurement Acquisition I Spring
PRO 121 Z1 Legal Issues in Government Procurement Spring
PRO 210 Z1 Procurement Acquisition II Spring
PRO 215 Z1 Advanced Procurement Acquisition Spring
PRO 220 Z1 Pricing and Contract Integration Spring
PRO 230 Z1 Procurement Contract Negotiations Spring
MAT 127 Z1 Introduction to Statistics Fall, Summer
MUC 122 Z1 Music Appreciation Fall, Spring, Summer
MUC 135 Z1 History of Rock Fall, Spring
MUC 143 Z1 Music Fundamentals Fall, Spring, Summer
PHI 101 Z1 Walking for Fun and Fitness I Fall, Spring
Physical Education
PED 104 Z1 Walking for Fun and Fitness I Fall, Spring, Summer
PED 204 Z1 Walking for Fun and Fitness II Fall, Spring
PSY 101 Z1 Introduction to Psychology Fall, Spring, Summer
PSY 201 Z1 Human Growth and Development Fall, Spring
PSY 203 Z1 Child Growth and Development Fall, Spring
PSY 207 Z1 Educational Psychology Fall
PSY 222 Z1 Organizational Psychology Fall, Spring
Public Health
PBH 104 Z1 Introduction to Public Health Fall
PBH 110 Z1 Introduction to Epidemiology Spring
PBH 120 Z1 The US Healthcare System Spring
Social Work
SWK 101 Z1 Introduction to Social Work Fall, Spring
SOC 101 Z1 Introduction to Sociology Fall, Spring, Summer
SOC 102 Z1 Social Problems Spring, Summer
SOC 103 Z1 Marriage and the Family Fall, Summer
Transportation & Logistics
TRL 101 Z1 Introduction to Logistics Spring
TRL 107 Z1 Supply Chain Management Fall
TRL 130 Z1 Production & Operations Management Spring
TRL 230 Z1 Product Lifecycle Management Spring
Visual Communications
VCP 244 Z1 Web Development Fall

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