Hannah Berth: My Cecil Story

Hannah Berth

"I am from Delaware but I decided to go to school out of state because Cecil was just a better choice for me, especially with the music program. The thought of a large university with hundreds of people in lecture halls was terrifying. The class sizes are smaller here, and the teachers get to know you more personally.

I have never been with a group of people who all have the same interest as me, so we really get each other. Music has always been my life and it is great to be around others with the same passion and drive. People are here because they want to do this as their career and they are serious about music.

I have been playing pieces on the piano I never thought I would and have expanded my repertoire to make me a well-rounded musician. I had wanted to study music in college for a long time, but I held off since I was working full time. Fortunately, Cecil provided the scheduling flexibility to allow me to pursue my dream. "