Melissa Shrewsbury: My Cecil Story

Melissa Shrewsbury

"I came to Cecil to learn about the environment and meet new people while pursuing an associate degree. Choosing a college is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make. If I had gone away to a university, I would be stressed out about paying back student loans. Cecil was so affordable that I was able to pay my tuition by working part time and receiving a scholarship.

I spent so much time at the college hanging out with friends, playing basketball, and serving as an admissions ambassador. I never thought I would get so involved and have the opportunity to relate to so many students. I have become much more outgoing and willing to try new things. Although I have graduated, I am still a part of the college community since the alumni association provides access to the Physical Education Complex and other resources.

Thanks to my degree and experience from Cecil, I am now a ranger in the Maryland Park Service for Elk Neck State Park. I love being outside all the time and getting people excited about coming to see the environment. Cecil has given me the tools needed to achieve my goals and shape me into the person I want to be.