Strategic Plan

The Cecil College 2021-2025 Strategic Plan is an ambitious framework for institutional renewal and growth. Over the past five years the College has responded to many changes occurring in this region. Economic conditions, shifts in market demand, diminished funding, and growing expectations for e-learning are just a few of the emerging conditions that have presented opportunities and challenges. These and many other factors will arise as we look to the future. With this in mind, the strategic priorities for 2021-2025 position Cecil College to respond to our existing student body and build the capacity for the future needs of students and employers.

This will not occur without an institutional commitment to innovative strategies that respond to existing and emerging conditions. Foremost among these is to Drive Academic Achievement. Our greatest success is ensuring that our students attain the credentials needed to transfer and seek employment. Further, we recognize that the value of education will be measured by the success of our students as they transfer and their ability to secure employment. Developing competitive and market-driven skill sets requires a Dynamic Learning Environment. Cecil College students will learn in an adaptive, interactive atmosphere. Strategies are identified to make certain that classrooms are equipped and immersive experiences are embedded, to create an engaging academic experience.

These strategies will be realized, in part, by the College’s efforts to continuously strengthen Community Alliances. Whether it is a matter of promoting public dialogue regarding the value of education or informing public stakeholders of the alignment between economic development and our mission, we will involve our many partners. It is also through collaborative efforts that we will create more opportunities for students to be actively involved in their studies. Very often enriched learning experiences occur through internships, field work, and workplace projects, supported by area employers.

Bold action and resources are required to advance our priorities. Cecil College is steadfast in our commitment to our students and community. Inasmuch, every effort will be made to stimulate Resource Development to support a dedicated and dynamic center of learning. Efforts will be undertaken to seek alternative revenue sources, expand fundraising, and generate growth in our student population. Cecil College will strive to continuously enrich our academic enterprise, serve our students, and be strong partners in our community.