About the Foundation

The Cecil College Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)3 dedicated to developing financial and other resources to support Cecil College students.

Board of Directors

Foundation directors are ambassadors of the College, dedicated to increasing awareness and support of the College within the region, and creating partnerships with individuals, businesses, organizations, and private foundations to raise funds for scholarships, instructional equipment, professional development, capital projects, and other educational needs.

Headshot of Cameron Brown.

Cameron Brown

Headshot of Kent Methven.

Kent Methven

Headshot of Sharon Pelham.

Sharon Pelham

Headshot of Guy Palmeri.

Guy Palmeri
Fund Management Chair

Headshot of Phyllis Zeise.

Phyllis Zeise
Fund Development Chair

Headshot of Sarah Colenda.

Sarah Colenda
Trustee Liaison

Headshot of Patricia Crouch.

Patricia Coale Crouch

Headshot of Jared Crouse.

Jared A. Crouse

Headshot of Bijoy Ghosh.

Bijoy Ghosh

Headshot of Dave McGrath.

Dave McGrath

Headshot of John Mettee.

John V. Mettee IV

Headshot of Susan O'Neill.

Susan O'Neill

Headshot of Roger Owens.

Roger Owens

Headshot of Patti Paulus.

Patti Paulus

Headshot of Bobby Reynolds.

Bobby Reynolds

Headshot of Johnathan Seidenberg.

Jonathan Seidenberg

Headshot of Lisa Stottlemyer.

Lisa Stottlemyer

Additional members include Stanley Bensley, Linda Burris, DJ Wootson, and Frank Mita.

Friends of Education

Becoming a Friend of Education is a perfect way to support our students in a way you choose. Give what and when you want so that your ability to choose what you are passionate about turns into success for our students. Our Friends lend their talents, interests, and resources to make events, campaigns, and other Foundation initiatives successful.

Friends help in many ways, including:

  • planning events
  • tutoring students
  • volunteering at fundraisers
  • soliciting gifts and in-kind donations

Become a Friend of Education today by contacting the Cecil College Foundation at (410) 287-1146 or foundation@nullcecil.edu.

Friends of Education

  • Joyce Bowlsbey
  • Dotty Campbell
  • Brent Converse
  • Robert Crouch
  • Bill De Freitas
  • Brian Heinbaugh
  • Karen Holt
  • Peter Kirsh
  • Amy Lemieux
  • Mary Maloney
  • Alan McCarthy
  • Cynthia McIlwain
  • Forrest McIlwain
  • Denise Methven
  • James Mita
  • Victoria Mita
  • Denise Piemontese
  • David Rudolph
  • Diana Rudolph
  • Mary Scheeler
  • Michael Scheeler
  • Dan Thompson
  • Christine Trumbull
  • Christine Valuckas, Ed.D.
  • Nancy Wells