Foundation Scholarships

The Cecil College Foundation provides scholarships to recent high school graduates as well as adult students. All current and future students of the College are encouraged to apply for these scholarships.

About Foundation Scholarships

Each year, the Foundation provides numerous scholarships for tuition assistance and required textbooks for students through existing scholarship funds established by the generosity of our donors, as well as from funds raised directly by the Foundation. Tuition awards range from one hundred dollars to full tuition and fees.

How to Apply for Foundation Scholarships

Apply Online

Simply submit one online application to be eligible for all Foundation scholarships.

Student Credentials

All applicants must have a student username and password to submit a scholarship application. If you are a new student who hasn't gone through the admissions process yet, you can complete the admissions application online or contact the Admissions Office to apply to Cecil College and obtain your login credentials. If you are a current student, but don't know your credentials, please contact the college help desk for assistance at (410) 287-4357 or

Application Deadline

The deadline to submit your scholarship application is April 30th. After you have submitted your application, you will be notified of any award by email. Be sure to check your student email inbox often.

Tips for Success

  • Electronic applications are preferred. However, paper applications received by April 30th are given the same consideration. Only one form of submission is required. Contact the Foundation at (410) 287-1146 or for a paper application.
  • The information you provide in your essay should explain your interest in the academic program you have chosen, your goals, and why you are requesting a scholarship. You may want to provide a brief description of your career plans, hobbies and other interests.
  • Under "Community Service," provide all of the details regarding your involvement in any community organizations, including the organization name, dates of service and type of service provided.

Additional Information

For additional information, read the frequently asked questions​. If you have any further questions, please contact the Foundation at (410) 287-1053 or