Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund

GEER Scholarships

Jumpstart your career with these tuition-free opportunities!

Cecil College is the recipient of a grant from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund intended to support students training for a career or re-entering the workforce. Scholarships are available until funds are depleted. Apply today!

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Eligible Courses

The following opportunities are available to anyone.

Full scholarships are available for the following courses. Each course can lead to an industry-recognized credentialing exam. In addition, these courses apply to credit programs for those who are interested in continuing their education.

Course Number Course Title Opportunity
ACC 101 Accounting I Pre-requisite to ACC 103
ACC 103 Accounting: Quickbooks Quickbooks certification
CSC 104 Cybersecurity: Computer Science Fundamentals Leading to a CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF) certification
CSC 135 Cybersecurity: Client Systems Leading to a CompTIA A+ certification
CSC 140 Cybersecurity: Introduction to Networking Leading to a CompTIA Network+ certification
CSC 141 Cybersecurity: Information Security Fundamentals Leading to a CompTIA Security+ certification
VCP 107 Visual Communications: Aerial Imaging Leading to a FAA 107 certification

How to Apply for the Scholarship

To apply for the GEER scholarship, fill out the GEER Application Interest Form. Once you complete the interest form, you will be emailed the official GEER scholarship application. Make sure you use an email that you check regularly. After submitting the application, it will be forwarded for approval.

Get More Information

Learn more today by contacting Mike Jerome, Director of Admissions, at (410) 287-1006 or