Agricultural Sciences

Program Description

Agriculture encompasses anyone from the home gardener to the large-scale farmer to the small business owner maintaining equipment, selling supplies or, owning some livestock. This degree will give you the tools to be successful in the business working with plants and/or animals in an agricultural setting.

Associate Degree Programs in Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural Sciences with Areas of Concentration (Associate of Applied Science)

The Associate of Applied Science Agricultural Sciences provides a course of study designed to meet the needs of students who plan to work in various fields of agriculture or to transfer to a college or a university that grants a Baccalaureate Degree in various areas of Agriculture.

Required Courses & Learning Outcomes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take this program?

Anyone that owns a horse, tries to sell their produce, or tries to start up their own business in land care.

What can I do with this degree?

This degree is designed for people to develop the business skills to grow their own small business from lawn care to riding lessons to working in a larger agricultural business. While this program does not articulate as a package to a 4-year school, this coursework has been designed to complement a four-year degree and the majority of the courses will transfer to a four-year institution.

How do I select my courses?

After meeting the required general education core courses, the field is open for you to select courses that will address your interests in either business, equine, or horticultural fields. Working with an advisor will help make sure you graduate as quickly as possible with the skills and knowledge you want to acquire.

Admissions & Advising

Cecil College is an open enrollment institution. Get more information, find out how to apply, or meet with an advisor.


Whether transferring coursework to Cecil College or transferring your completed degree or certificate to a four-year institution, transfer is a viable option to help meet your educational goals.

Cecil College has strong partnerships related to the agricultural sciences with Maryland colleges and universities as well as other schools in nearby states.

Transfer information for Maryland colleges and universities is available through the Articulation System of Maryland (ARTSYS) website at Additional transfer information can be found on the Transfer Agreements page.


Full-time Faculty

Christine Warwick
Science & Technology, Chair
M.S., University of St. Joseph

Adjunct Faculty

Our adjunct faculty in agricultural sciences hold advanced degrees in their fields and bring a wide array of experience into the classroom.