Horticultural Science

Program Description

If you like working with plants and the out of doors, then this certificate provides a deeper appreciation of familiar plants and their relatives as well as information to help grow them successfully in terms of location and growth requirements. In other words, this can make your green thumb greener, and maybe even profitable.

Certificate Programs in Horticultural Sciences

Horticultural Science

The Horticultural Science Certificate provides a foundation in the knowledge, skills, and training required for occupations in the horticulture industry or further studies in the plant sciences. Students will identify plants and their cultural requirements, identify landscape uses for plant materials, soil nutrients and amendments, and gain an understanding of the materials, and methods used in landscape construction.

Required Courses & Learning Outcomes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a certificate in horticultural science?

The plant ID courses in this program will make you invaluable to landscapers, nurseries, and nature study programs. As one nursery manager said, "When I send a worker to the field for species or variety X, that’s what I want to see brought in the first time." The landscaping courses will provide the knowledge to help place plants in areas for optimal success—a valuable ability in the industry.

Why a get certificate rather than a degree?

The certificate is designed to be completed in a shorter period of time and will provide the training to go directly into the job market, or simply satisfy the interests of a serious gardener.

What if I want to go further with my education?

A 2-year degree in biology, environmental science, or agriculture will allow you to incorporate some of these courses into a program that will prepare you for transfer to a 4-year school.

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Full-time Faculty

Christine Warwick
Science & Technology, Chair
M.S., University of St. Joseph

Meredith Dillenger
Assistant Professor of Biology
M.Ed., Cabrini University

Adjunct Faculty

Cecil College Horticultural Science adjuncts are credentialed in their profession and have years of professional experience owning businesses and/or working in their fields.