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Program Description

Exercise science will give you the tools to understand the role of exercise in health and performance. Learn why some athletes are faster than others, as well as why certain people adapt to exercises differently. Answers to these questions and more are the foundation of your education and opportunities in exercise science. In this program, you’ll focus on human body systems, exercise and business principles as they pertain to fitness. In addition, you will receive hands-on experience, including use of state-of-the-art equipment at our campus Fitness Center and other local partners.

Associate Degree Programs in Exercise Science

Exercise Science (Associate of Science)

This program will prepare students to work in the exercise and rehabilitation fields. Students will complete introductory courses in the science of the human movement such as the physiological and functional adaptations to movement, exercise, fitness and wellness assessment, rehabilitation and nutrition. Successful completion prepares the student for their certification in personal training and to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in exercise science.

Required Courses & Learning Outcomes

Refer to the college catalog for a list of required courses and learning outcomes for the Exercise Science degree program.

Certificate Programs in Exercise Science

Personal Trainer/Fitness Manager

The Personal Trainer/Fitness Manager Certificate program prepares individuals for entry into careers that involve the assessment, motivation, education, and training of clients regarding their health and fitness needs. Successful completion of this certificate program prepares students for entry-level certification as a Personal Trainer. Students have the option to continue their studies and earn their Associate of Science in Exercise Science.

Required Courses & Learning Outcomes

Refer to the college catalog for a list of required courses and learning outcomes for the Personal Trainer/Fitness Manager certificate program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do in the workforce?

Associate degree and certificate career paths include entry-level jobs in the fitness sector, namely, personal training and group exercise instruction.

Bachelor's degree career paths include the following:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Health and Fitness Center Program Management
  • Corporate Health and Wellness Programs
  • Physical Therapist*
  • Clinical Exercise Physiologist*
  • Athletic Trainer*
  • Occupational Therapist*
  • Physician’s Assistant*
  • Registered Dietician*
  • Medical Doctor*
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine*

*Career path requires additional education and training

Will I be prepared to sit for additional certifications?

Cecil College's exercise science curriculum is designed to provide students with the laboratory and hands-on, real-world experiences needed to complete certification examinations offered by the National Academy of Sports of Medicine. Once students attain their certification in personal training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine students will be eligible to take the performance enhancement specialist exam and corrective exercise specialist certification exams.

Why should I pursue an exercise science degree from Cecil College?

There are many reasons to major in exercise science at Cecil College including real-world experience outside of the classroom, state of the art exercise science laboratories and equipment, and the ability to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share similar career interests.

Is an exercise science degree the same as a kinesiology degree?

No. Exercise science is not considered a kinesiology degree. Kinesiology is the study of human movement. Certainly human movement is a component of Cecil College's exercise science degree because of its importance. . In fact, a Foundation of Sports Medicine course dealing with aspects of human movement, is offered in the exercise science curriculum.

Admissions & Advising

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Whether transferring coursework to Cecil College or transferring your completed degree or certificate to a four-year institution, transfer is a viable option to help meet your educational goals.

Transfer information for Maryland colleges and universities is available through the Articulation System of Maryland (ARTSYS) website at www.artsys.usmd.edu. Additional transfer information can be found on the Transfer Agreements page.


Full-time Faculty

Daniel Roman
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
M.S., California University of Pennsylvania

Adjunct Faculty

Our adjunct faculty in the exercise sciences hold advanced degrees in exercise science, health, physical fitness and other related health fields. The faculty bring a wide array of experience into the classroom.