Program Description

Computer science is the study of the computing process and the fundamental algorithms, structures and languages that underlie that process. At Cecil College, hands-on learning opportunities are provided in computer labs using state-of-the-art hardware and software. In addition, students build important soft skills such as interpersonal communications, problem-solving, team-building, and project management.

Associate Degree Programs in Computer Science

Computer Science (Associate of Science)

This program option prepares students to transfer to a four-year institution for continued study in computer science. Computer scientists apply techniques to work with industry, the government and academia to solve computational challenges. Students with bachelor’s degrees in computer science continue their education in graduate school or enter the work force.

Required Courses & Learning Outcomes

Refer to the college catalog for a list of required courses and learning outcomes for the Computer Science degree program.

Computer Science — Programming (Associate of Applied Science)

This program introduces students to the various technology domains, including operating systems, networking, data, security and programming. Problem solving and proper algorithm design are emphasized. Students will gain an understanding of abstracted layers and data structures.

Required Courses & Learning Outcomes

Refer to the college catalog for a list of required courses and learning outcomes for the Programming degree program.

Certificate Programs in Computer Science


This certificate develops skills in programming and various languages as well as providing basic courses in operating systems, Web programming, business systems, networking and data communications.

Required Courses & Learning Outcomes

Refer to the college catalog for a list of required courses and learning outcomes for the Programming certificate program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose computer science as a major at Cecil College?

Cecil College's computer science curriculum provides the student with a solid foundation in computer science fundamentals, computer programming languages, game design and development. Students can pursue an Associate of Science degree to transfer to a 4-year university in a computer science major. Computer science courses require a firm understanding of critical issues and concepts of computer science, such as: problem analysis; data abstraction; algorithm development; program implementation; testing and validation; computer organization; and basic system control.

Should I pursue an associate degree in computer science?

An associate degree in computer science provides the opportunity to start a professional career in an entry-level position after graduation, with the added ability to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in the future.

Speak to an advisor for help getting started. You can also contact one of our computer science faculty members.

What will I do in a computer science career?

Programming is an indispensable tool in engineering, technology and many other scientific and technical fields. However, programming is a means to explore the processes of reasoning that are found between and among several different programming languages. Computer science also concentrates on areas such as artificial intelligence, graphics, distributed systems, robotics, machine vision, numerical analysis and applications of computing in other fields.

Should I seek a computer science internship while a student at Cecil College?

Yes! Completing a computer science internship provides valuable on the job experience applying the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and can increase post-graduation career opportunities and income. Visit Cecil College’s Career Services Office to learn more about available opportunities, to advance your resume writing or interview skills, and for general career advising.

Admissions & Advising

Cecil College is an open enrollment institution. Get more information, find out how to apply, or meet with an advisor.


Whether transferring coursework to Cecil College or transferring your completed degree or certificate to a four-year institution, transfer is a viable option to help meet your educational goals.

Transfer information for Maryland colleges and universities is available through the Articulation System of Maryland (ARTSYS) website at Additional transfer information can be found on the Transfer Agreements page.


Full-time Faculty

Christine Warwick
Science & Technology, Chair
M.S., University of St. Joseph

James A. Morgan
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Ph.D., Capella University

Susan Price
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
M.B.A., M.S., Wilmington University

Adjunct Faculty

Our adjunct faculty in computer science hold advanced degrees in their fields and bring a wide array of practical and ‘real-world’ experiences into the classroom.