Supply Chain Management

Program Description

Much like private sector businesses, government agencies use a wide variety of products and services to fulfill their missions. Supply chain management is the means by which organizations acquire and maintain those products and services. This program explores the many facets of supply chain management including logistics, purchasing, production and product lifecycle management. The supply chain management degree and certificate programs are designed for students interested in working for a federal, state, local government agency, or commercial manufacturing and logistics organizations. This program is customized to meet the critical workforce needs of these organizations.

Degree Programs

Supply Chain Management (Associate of Applied Science)

The Supply Chain Management program is designed for students interested in working for a federal, state, or local government agency. This program is customized to meet the critical workforce needs of these agencies. Beyond the classroom, students will be afforded the full range of support services by the College.

Required Courses & Learning Outcomes

See a list of required courses and learning outcomes for this program in the college catalog.

Transportation Logistics and Management (Associate of Applied Science)

This program is specifically designed for those individuals who are working or who wish to pursue a career in transportation and management of transportation systems. Careers would include, but are not limited to transportation manager, route planner, physical distribution manager, distribution planning analyst, and transportation marketer and operations manager. When coupled with a degree from one of our four-year partners, students will have even greater opportunity and earning potential.

Required Courses & Learning Outcomes

See a list of required courses and learning outcomes for this program in the college catalog.

Certificate Programs

Supply Chain Management

This certificate will teach an individual the basics of purchasing and materials management required to support a modern lean manufacturing facility and/or manage the flow of materials through the supply chain. Careers include, but are not limited to, inventory control manager, distribution center manager, warehousing/operations manager, customer service manager, buyer, and planner.

Required Courses & Learning Outcomes

See a list of required courses and learning outcomes for this program in the college catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose supply chain management as a major at Cecil College?

Supply chain management is necessary for the successful operation of almost all businesses and government agencies. A supply chain management degree will open many doors for you in your career. The skills and techniques you'll learn while studying supply chain management can help you if you decide to pursue a degree in other business related disciplines. The study of supply chain management can help you in many business-related careers as it focuses on critical drivers for reducing costs in the public and private sectors.

Is supply chain management right for me?

Supply chain management isn't for everyone—it's a hands-on career that many detail oriented people find rewarding. Professionals in this field need to be comfortable with general mathematical concepts and self-motivated. While advanced planning is key to successful supply chain management, diligence is where supply chain professionals thrive, continuously monitoring and adapting to changing situations.

How much can a supply chain management major make right out of college?

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, logistics/supply chain majors with a bachelor's degree earned an average starting salary of $55,694, which is well above the $47,790 earned annually by the average U.S. worker.

What paths can I take when deciding to become a supply chain management major?

Here are a few examples of career paths/job titles:

  • Logistician
  • Logistics Manager
  • Buyer
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Supply Chain Planner
  • Supply Manager
  • Transportation Planner
  • Transportation Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Production Planner
  • Production Manager

You can also choose to pursue these and other related jobs with both public and private organizations. Supply chain professionals may work directly for a supply chain member organization or for third party firms that provide supply chain services or expertise to members.

Should I seek an internship while a student at Cecil College?

Yes! Completing an internship in a supply chain related field provides valuable on the job experience applying the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and can increase post-graduation career opportunities and income. Visit Cecil College’s Career Services Office to learn more about available opportunities, to advance your resume writing or interview skills and for general career advising. Cecil College students are highly successful securing and completing internships in business

Admissions & Advising

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Whether transferring coursework to Cecil College or transferring your completed degree or certificate to a four-year institution, transfer is a viable option to help meet your educational goals.

Cecil College has articulation agreements with Maryland and regional institutions, such as DeSales University. Additionally, Cecil College has an articulation agreement with the University of Delaware. Students satisfactorily completing the Associate of Applied Science – Supply Chain Management Option degree at Cecil College are prepared for admission to the University of Delaware’s Supply Chain Management program. Contact your advisor for detailed information.

Transfer information for Maryland colleges and universities is available through the Articulation System of Maryland (ARTSYS) website at Additional transfer information can be found on the Transfer Agreements page.


Full-time Faculty

Candace Vogelsong
Department Chair – Business & Management
M.B.A., Wilmington University
M.B.A., Wilmington College

Adele Foltz, CPA
Associate Professor – Accounting
M.B.A., Wesley College

Carlos Lampkin
Assistant Professor – Economics
M.B.A., Wilmington University

Scott Walton
Assistant Professor – Business & Computer Information Systems
D.B.A., Wilmington University

Mark Krysiak
Lecturer – Business and Tranportation & Logistics
M.B.A., University of Baltimore

Adjunct Faculty

Cecil College's adjunct faculty in supply chain management are highly credentialed in their discipline and have years of professional experience.

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